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Enjoy hassle-free bicycle servicing and repairs with our convenient door-to-door service. We’ll collect your bike from your doorstep and return it at a time that works best for you.

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Services Include

Tyre Punctures

Remove existing tube, check tyre for nail etc. Replace tube with new replacement. Pump tyre to correct pressure adjust brake to ensure wheel not rubbing.

Tyre Replacement

Remove existing tube, check tyre for nail etc. Replace tube with new replacement. Pump tyre to correct pressure adjust brake to ensure wheel not rubbing.

Spoke Replacement

Remove damaged spoke from wheel. Replace with new spoke and true wheel to manufacturer tolerances.

Grip Replacement

Remove and clean handlebars. Prep and fit new grips and ensure secure in place for safety.

Handle Bar Tape

We'll remove your old tape and install new tape, fitted correctly around your levers and finished cleanly at the top of the bars.

Break Pad/Blocks

Removal of existing pads, cleaning of caliper and replacing blocks. Fully adjustment of caliper to ensure silent running and efficient brake use.

Gear & Brake Cables

Old cables will be removed, all brakes or gears checked and lubricated for efficiency, New inner or inner& outer cables will be fitted as required. 

Break Levers

Removal of existing grips, gear levers and brake lever. Replace lever and change brake cable/hose to new lever.


Old cassette removed and freehub cleaned and lubes to manufacturers spec. New cassette fitted and tightened to torque settings.

Gear Deraileur

Ideal for those who just need an adjustment of gears or replacement deraileur. Gears are adjusted and road tested.


Old chain removed and new chain fitted, ensure gears are correct and chain is long enough for all gears. (Please note changing a chain often means the freewheel and cassette need replacing as they wear at the same rate)

Break Pad/Blocks

Removal of existing grips or tape, removal of existing cables. New lever fitted, cable installed and run through the frame and gears adjusted.

Fluid Replacement

If your hydraulic brakes are not working correctly or are sticky, a brake bleed may be required. Removal of all existing fluid, new fluid, check of all cables and replace if required. New fluid flushed through and all bleed screws tightened to correct tolerance. Price per brake


Maintain optimal performance of your bike's forks and suspension with our comprehensive fork services. We'll expertly remove, clean, grease, and thoroughly test them to ensure they're performing at their best.

Complete Servicing

We offer a range of service packages to meet the needs of all cyclists, from occasional hobby riders to road users, fitness enthusiasts, and competitive racers. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages to ensure your bicycle is in top condition for every ride.

Can't find your requirement? Just book your collection, and we'll take care of the rest.

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We also maintain E-Bikes too!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to maintain your valued e-bike.

Ensure your valued e-bike stays in top condition by taking advantage of our comprehensive services. Whether you need individual parts serviced or a full annual check-up, we've got you covered. For daily commuters, we recommend servicing your bike every XYZ miles to keep it running smoothly. Don't miss out on this essential upkeep for your e-bike!


What our customers are saying

I can’t thank Graham from GC Bike Repair shop in Copnor Road enough for his great service and determination to get my fitness exercise bike back working again. It needed the arm and pedals replaced and it’s great that he kindly fixed it for me. 

Just great service and kept in contact in between getting it fixed to give me update of how it were going really was appreciated. Thanks for your great service and I would highly recommend this great bike repair shop any day and every time for sure, thanks again Graham 👍

Vanessa Mitchell


I got my mountain bike fully serviced at GC Gosport, February 1st .

They did a great job.

Good value for money and fair prices.

I recommend their services

Also excellent customer service

Thank you for getting me back on the road.

Annette Wincott


Brilliant repair shop who actually cares about cyclists. 

Didn't get his name but an absolute legend put a temporary crank arm on my bike so i could get home after work. 

Came in a week later with my own replacements, and he puts them on in 2 seconds.

Definitely would recommend 👌
Lee Bryant

We have over 150+ 5 star reviews from satisfied customers. 

...Making us the leading bicycle repair company in Portsmouth, Gosport AND surrounding areas.

We maintain these public schemes in your area too


Let's Get You Booked In

- Select Service: Choose our free assessment service, a service package, or the individual repairs required.

- Schedule Collection: Pick a date and a 1-hour time slot for bike collection.

- Provide Details: Fill in your contact details and collection address.

How We Service Your Bikes

We will perform either of the following: 

- A free assessment followed by a breakdown of works and associated costs, if any.

- Any service package you select 

- The individual works required from the checklist;

- or as described in the additional information field

Once the service is completed, we will call you to confirm a convenient time to return your bicle. 

Absolutely no fuss, just convenience for our valued customers.

Our Free Bike Assessment Service
Our comprehensive FREE bike assessment provides a detailed report outlining the necessary repairs to bring your bike to optimal condition. You are not obligated to address all repairs immediately; we will prioritise which repairs are essential for a safe ride and which can be postponed.

We Guarantee To Provide

- A Detailed Report: Receive a thorough assessment specifying required and optional repairs.

- No Obligations: Decide which repairs to undertake based on our recommendations.

- Full Quote: Obtain a complete quote before any work begins giving you peace of mind regarding costs.

- And finally, absolutely no hidden charges!

    Thank you for choosing our team for your bike servicing needs!

    ​Ensuring Every Ride Is a Great Ride

    GREAT Value For Money Service Packages

    Find our package service prices below or you can find a specific price for individual repairs further underneath.

    Bronze Service

    This is a 1 hour service

    Pit stop service for regular cyclists

    Initial assessment of the bike

    Wheels and tyres trued and running smoothly

    All nuts and bolts tightened to manufacturer tolerances

    Brakes adjusted for optimum performance

    Gears adjusted for correct indexing

    Chain and freewheel checked for wear

    Approval required for additional parts

    Full safety check and road test

    Only £59.99

    Silver Service

    This is a 3 hour service

    Grease cables, headset bearings, and adjust bottom brackets

    Wheels and tyres trued on a wheel jig as needed

    All nuts and bolts tightened to manufacturer tolerances

    Brakes adjusted for optimum performance; cables greased

    Gears adjusted for correct indexing; cables greased and end caps replaced if missing

    Chain and freewheel checked for wear, degreased, and relubricated

    Approval required for additional parts

    Full safety check and road test

      Only £89.99

      Gold Service

      This is a 4-5 hour service

      Includes all elements of Bronze and Silver services

      Bike stripped to frame and forks

      Frame and forks checked, degreased, and cleaned

      All components degreased, cleaned, and relubricated

      Interior cables replaced (outers if needed)

      Bearing surfaces stripped, cleaned, and regreased (or lubricated)

      Bike fully rebuilt, all elements refitted, adjusted, and checked

      Approval required for additional parts

      Full safety check and road test

        Only £139.99

        Individual Repair Prices

         Grips - Fitting From  £5.00
        Tyre - Fit new and inflate
         From   £10.00
          Handlebar Tape Install   From  £12.50
         Brake block fit (per brake) From   £12.50
         Brake Pad Fit & Adjust (per brake) From   £15.00
         Brake Cable fit and adjust From   £15.00
         Brake lever fit (per brake) From   £15.00
         Cassette fit / replace From   £15.00
         Gear cable fit (external routing)  From  £15.00
         Gear derailleur adjust From   £15.00
         Chain fit / replace From   £15.00
         Puncture Repair (Standard Tube) From   £15.00
         Gear cable fit (Internal routing)  From  £20.00
         Gear shift lever fit (drop bar - per lever) From   £20.00
         Brake Bleed (Hydraulic - single brake)  From  £25.00
         Wheel Truing (Standard Wheel) From   £25.00
         Tubeless Conversion (per wheel) - Customer supplied kit From   £25.00
         Gear hanger replacement (and gear adjust)  From  £25.00
         Fork Steerer Cut & Headset Installation  From  £25.00
         Essential Ride Wrap Fitting  From  £25.00
         Ride Wrap Fork Fitting From   £25.00
         Bearing replacement - Sealed Bearings From   £30.00
         Bottom Bracket Installation From   £30.00
         Bearing replacement - Loose Bearings From   £30.00
         Drivechain clean (On bike) From   £30.00
         Headset Service  From  £30.00
         Hub Servicing  From  £30.00
         Gear shift lever fit (STI) From   £30.00
         Spokes replacement and true wheel From   £30.00
         Puncture Repair (Electric Bike) From   £30.00
         Wheel Truing (Performance Wheel) From   £30.00
         Tubeless Conversion (per wheel) - GC supplied kit From   £30.00
         Chainset Replacement From   £35.00
         Wheel Building From   £40.00
         Drivechain clean (Off the bike) From   £50.00
         Fork Servicing  From  £50.00
         Brake Bleed (Hydraulic - Both brakes)  From  £50.00
         Ride Wrap Covered Bike Fitting  From  £50.00
         E-Bike Bronze Service From   £80.00
         Ride Wrap Tailored Customer Bike Fitting From   £150.00
         EBike Silver Service  From  £110.00
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